APRIL 16TH 2017






The fellowship of His suffering is the process through which we become more acquainted with God.In other words it’s the process of getting more intimate
with God. The process requires that you will go through tests and trials.


All over the world people are searching for power. Power means different things to different people. For some people walking on water and raising the dead
is seen as power. You can walk on water and raise the dead and still not make it.

What is the resurrection power of God? The evidence of resurrection power is transformed lives.






1.You become a new creature. 2nd Corinthians 5:17-18

This scripture is misunderstood by so many. We assume that this transformation is automatic. The newness of life in which Jesus died and resurrected that
we walk in, we walk in intentionally, we intentionally live in the newness of life. We remind ourselves every day, that we are no longer who we used
to be, but we are now new creatures. Jesus couldn’t have been raised from the dead without the Holy Spirit, therefore you can’t live a resurrected
life without the Holy Spirit. When the power of God comes upon you it gives you the ability to walk in newness of life. Your slate
was wiped clean at Calvary’s cross, whatever you did in the past is gone with the past. God has forgiven so many of us but we haven’t forgiven ourselves. 


2.Resurrection power gives us the ability to live above sin Romans 6:12

Christ defeated sin and we don’t ever have to live under its dominion. God’s grace is available even under the most tremendous pressure of sin. Temptation is not sin, it is the yielding/acceptance to temptation that is sin. We
have dominion over sin, we can live a sin free life, but we can’t do it on our own we need the Holy Spirit.


3.Resurrection power gives us the ability to live above sickness and disease Heb. 53: 5

The word “Are” in by His stripes we are healed, is the present tense. In other words when sickness comes the resurrection power of God is available to
heal, but not everybody gets healed.

The question to ask is Are they living a new life?

Do they know Him? Are they walking above the power of dominion of sin?

Romans 10:10 Kingdom principle. If you know you are healed then declare it. Job 22:28


4.You can live in the realm of supernatural power

If God says walk on water, then do it because you have the ability to. Those that benefit the most from walking in the realm of supernatural power are
those that know Him and the power of His resurrection. They allow themselves into the fellowship of His suffering. They allow themselves to be processed
to become who he wants them to be.


The supernatural realm of God is real, more real than our natural realm. If you are going to walk in the realm of supernatural power of God you need to
be intimate with Him. Seeing what He does, hearing what He says, so that you join Him in His work and not do his work for Him.


We can make a decision to walk in resurrection power and be intentional and make a quality choice to put on the new man and not allow the old man to come
back.I will live above the power of sin.


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