FEB 26TH 2017




Romans 8:19:

Nothing will change in our country, in our economy indeed across the whole world until there is a manifestation of the Sons of God.

No economic policy, law and social enterprise can change anything if there isn’t a manifestation of the Sons of God.

Indeed the Bible says all creation. This means everything that is created including economies and politics is waiting for the power that is on the inside
of you to begin to manifest on the outside.


It’s always good to have pioneers that can be followed.

When the disciples that followed Jesus followed His instructions and waited in Jerusalem,and the Holy Ghost came upon them they started to manifest the
Glory of God.

In Acts 3:6 -7 Peter had walked, talked and believed in Jesus for 3 ½ years.

Peter and John went to the beautiful gate. It was the gate to the temple in Jerusalem.


Please note that in those days anything that happened in the temple became news throughout the city.This miracle at the beautiful gate turned Jerusalem
upside-down. Everyone was talking about the miracle.

The perspectives of so many Jews in Jerusalem changed towards Jesus because of this miracle.

It was the centre of the Jewish life and they went straight to the centre to make manifest the King of Glory and the Lord of Lord. Verse 12 shows that
Peter and John were men of character who were grounded in the faith.

The fact that somebody who was lame from birth had begun to walk,did not lead them to print business cards saying “Raisers of the lame”.


They knew that Jesus was the author of that miracle they pointed this out in verse 16.

Faith in the name of Jesus will change your life, and make the impossible possible. Faith in the name of Jesus would change the world around you. If you
are going to allow Christ to give you the keys of the Kingdom of God,

Then you must be in the realm of the Spirit.


Peter heard by the spirit of God, and Jesus latched onto it (Matt 16:17) by saying it’s upon this understanding that I will build my church.

The miracle at the beautiful gate caused such a stir in Jerusalem. Peter and john were summoned. 

Acts 4:8 explains that the people of God that will manifest, will manifest because they are filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will not occupy the same place with any other spirit. If there is any other spirit operational in your life get rid of it, because the
Holy Spirit will not occupy that same space. 

 Acts 4: 31  shows that Prayer changes things. When we are all together in prayer buildings will shake.

The Word of God will come forth with boldness because of the anointing of the Holy Ghost.


We face as a nation monumental corruption. In Acts 5: 9-10 it was similar, but this corruption was among those who followed the disciples (Ananias &

When there is a manifestation of the Sons of God corruption is dealt with. Like in Acts 5: 19 the Holy Ghost can spring you out from jail, if you are sent
to jail because of your assignment from God.

The world understands wonders and when men and women of faith begin to be filled with power and faith, they will work wonders. ( Acts 6:8)

As men and women begin to do wondrous things for God there will certainly arise oppositions. Oppositions arose to Stephen, but such was that which was
on the inside of Stephen that even in the midst of opposition he never flinched not one inch. He remained steadfast in faith even as they picked up
stones to stone him. He fastened his gaze upon heaven and said “that looks like the Son of the most High who is standing up just to encourage me”.

Acts 12: 5 – 9 in Prison Peter probably was not able to pray as he usually would. Sometimes you go through situations and you find it difficult to pray.
The church of God in this passage was not a social/ spiritual club

It was a people who had an understanding of the governing authority that God put in the Church.


IN Acts 14:8 – 10 Paul perceived that the man had faith to be healed. May you be able to perceive what is happening around you.


When the power of God is at work in your life you will begin to see and understand things that cannot be understood by the natural man. When Isaiah prophesied
about Jesus (the Government shall be upon His shoulder..) he was referring to the Church, what the church does makes the difference.

Acts 18: from verse 8 shows that things change when we recognise the power that God has deposited in us.


God has a ministry for you that will change the world around you. Acts 19:11-13

What was it about the Apostles of old that made a difference?

Acts 1:4 Obedience. They had a mind to obey Christ

They understood that there was a promise that was going to facilitate or enable them fulfil the work they had been called to.

Acts 2: 1 they were united and in one accord ( unity)

There was one reason they followed Jesus and waited in the upper room.

They believed in Christ right to the core of their being.



Our faith is central to the manifestation of the power of God.



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