MARCH 19TH 2017

(Jeremiah 1: 5-6) before you ever existed, there is nothing about your life that God didn’t know.The word sanctified is a word that we tend to use
in church when we talk about holy things.

The word means, “set apart” Holy things are Holy, because they are set apart. So God is saying to Jeremiah in this scripture, that He has set him apart
for a specific purpose.


When we talk about a call of God, most people think in terms of ministry: Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and minister, but God calls some people
to be producers in Nolly-wood, some to be musicians in the secular world, doctors in hospitals, lawyers.Calling of God is not just necessarily
for behind the pulpit. There is a call upon your life. In Jer 1: 6 Jeremiah begins to doubt the calling of God upon his life.God does nothing without
speaking.In Jeremiah 1:7 we see that God has equipped everyone with every mental, emotional, spiritual and material resource to fulfill his/her


No matter what you think, you are fit for purpose. In Isaiah 6: 5- 8: Isaiah also doubted his ability. Whatever you lack God will give. Whatever is
missing God will replace. A lot of people have asked me, how I know that it is the voice of God and not my mind? This is the answer: Our problem
is that we depend so much on our own ability to hear from God. God pr-existed before anything ever existed. To God, the earth is no bigger than
a pin head. The inhabitants of the earth are not even as big as a speck of dust. He did not count the number of hair on your head, He decided how
many hairs you will have on your head.This same God has something to use to communicate with you.God knows all things and is everywhere, so how
can he fail to pass a message to you.


Don’t depend on your ability to hear depend on God’s ability to make sure that you hear. God has a vested interest in your hearing.
When we just trust God, we know when he has spoken Philippians 3:13-14. 2nd Timothy 4:7. Paul refers to a race in this scripture.When I say run
your race, it’s not a race between anyone else It’s a race God expects you to run with faith and diligence. Ecc 9:11.In running your race, don’t
look at your abilities 26.Look at God’s ability or you will totally miss it. God has given you skills and abilities don’t sit on them. Try them,
develop them. Don’t depend on your skills and ability, depend on God who is the giver. Otherwise you will get into trouble. If you can see God
in your life there is strength.God determines who wins the race. Proverbs 19:21. Align your plans with God’s purpose. We have to hear from and
listen to God. He doesn’t have a problem communicating with us.


Isaiah 59:1As you run your race there are times you will need to be saved. We have the capacity to get ourselves in trouble. When we miss our turn
God recalculates our race back on course as soon as possible

When you need to be saved, don’t say that God does not have the ability to reach out and save you. Isaiah 14:27 the Lord of host. When the bible says
the Lord of Hosts its talking about the host of the earth, the host of heaven and the host under the earth. Satan is not as powerful as you might
have thought, He can’t stop God’s purpose.

As you run your race, know that there is no one that can stop your purpose in life, not even the devil. He will try, but every attempt he makes God
will come up with a solution.


Hebrews 12:1-2: lay aside every weight.You can’t run a race if you are weighed down. Weights are not necessarily sins.Weights are not necessarily wrong,
lay them aside (e.g. Friends, habits, food etc) In Christ Jesus we have dominion over sin, enforce that victory. Sin can make it so easy to spoil
your race. Jesus came to destroy the power of sin, it has no power over you unless you give it power. Run with patience with endurance the race
that is set before you.Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. Only Jesus gives you the skill and ability to lay aside the weights.
The crowns that you are struggling for will be so worthless to you when you see God in comparison to God that you’ll throw them up, because Jesus
sits at the right hand of God, you and I are there also. Not tomorrow, not in the sweet by and by, right now!



As you run your race you must stay focused. Always remember what your mission is.

Ultimately all of us have a common mission. Which is to bring heaven to earth.In your industry, field, wherever you are your mission is to bring heaven
to earth. We must keep our focus and be prepared to endure the cross. Endure the cross despising the shame. 2nd Corinthians 4:7. As you run your
race there’s a treasure inside you. That treasure is the King of Glory the Holy Spirit living inside you. The Excellency of His power is not of
us but of God. God chose the weak things to confound the wise. Trouble is inevitable in running your race. We are governed by the things which
are seen, but we should be governed by the things we can’t see.


Run your race, don’t try to run another person’s race.


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