MARCH 26TH 2017



It is important to have a sense of identity.You have to know who you are in Christ Jesus.You have to understand what has been placed at your disposal
if you are going to benefit from revival.

Philippians 2:6 Jesus knew who he was. He knew the authority He had and  His status. Christ had a strong sense of Identity. At no point in His
earthly ministry did Jesus ever forget His identity.

It’s important for us to also have a keen sense of our identity.


We know what we have at our disposal and the difference amongst Christians is clear when you know who you are

The Christian that knows who he is in Christ is very different from the one that doesn’t. Many of us are working to earn an inheritance, but the sons
who know who they are don’t work for an inheritance. They work from an inheritance, they know who they are.It’s important to know all that God
has put at our disposal.


Gideon started with such a poor sense of identity. As far as he was concerned his family was the poorest and he was the least in his family. Judges

God doesn’t call us as we see ourselves, He calls us as He sees us. When you believe in God, you’re saved.

The moment you realise that God believes in you, you begin to become transformed. God believes in you not because of who you are or what you’ve done.
He believes in you and will never stop, because of what Jesus Christ has done. If you stand knowing that He believes passionately in you, it will
change your life. 


Gideon had a journey from one who hid to one who stood before the enemy with just 300 men. Joseph had a strong sense of who he was, God showed him
in a dream. Joseph couldn’t keep the dream to himself so he began a journey that took him into the pit, prison, Potiphar’s house and back to prison.
Never at any point did he give up on his identity of who he was in God.


David was the youngest of his father’s sons. David was always alone in the wilderness tending sheep. It was in the wilderness that he cultivated the
habit of serving God. It was his passion and intimacy with God that brought him before Goliath. He knew who he was in God and therefore Goliath
was no problem. He had a strong sense of self identity and he had intimacy with God.


Intimacy = into me you see

Most times we are figuring out what is going on in someone’s life. That’s not intimacy that’s intuition. Intimacy is about being open and transparent.
The things that you may hide from others you do not hide with God. That’s what David was, there was nothing he kept away from God

This sense of self identity was so powerful in David 1st Sam 22: 1-2

2nd Sam 23:8 these men developed their leadership potential because they had a leader who knew his identity.

Paul on his way to Damascus encountered God and from that day he came to know who he was in God.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. You’re not searching for something you’re working for someone. Religion is when you work for God, Son-ship is when you work from God. There
are so many religious people around who are doing things but God never sent them. A son knows what the father is doing A son is an heir of the
father. Philippians 2: 7

It’s good, important and vital that you have a strong identity in Christ. It is also vital that you walk in humility. If you know who you are in Christ
and you’re not humble you will be like a rocket who will sooner or later explode. Jesus was the epitome of humility. He walked in humility all
His days on earth. Humility must accompany identity. 





1.He is dead to self. He learns to crucify his flesh.

Whoever Jesus is to you, he will be through you. We can teach what we know, but can only reproduce who we are

Be careful when you pick a mentor, because he may teach you all he knows, but you can only become who he is.


2.Intimacy: into me you see. I am so I do, I do not do so that I may become. I already am a son/daughter of the most high so I do
what he requires me to do. If you know who you are, you do not ask God to bless what you are doing

You do what God is blessing. Such a revival is coming we shall see truly remarkable things.

The Spirit of God cannot be quenched or broken

That’s why we need to know who we are and what we have at our disposal.



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