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Zechariah 9:9

Jeremiah the prophet looked into heaven and he saw a picture of what God wanted to accomplish on earth. He saw a crowd rejoicing as a man sitting upon
an ass riding into Jerusalem.Matthew 6:10


How does God accomplish on earth what is in heaven? He gives a prophetic word and lets men such as prophets see into the heavens and gives them a picture
of what He will have accomplished on earth.

Prophets are men or women whose primary mission is to bring prophetic direction. Anybody can prophesy, but not anybody can be a prophet. Today, the office
of the prophet suffers much abuse we have turned the prophet into a fortune teller. We want to know what God plans for us, so we seek the prophet.


In some parts of the world you can get prophecy by telephone.Prophesy or the prophetic is to give direction by showing us the picture in heaven that God
wants painted. The prophet gazes into heaven Malachi 3: 10

The windows of heaven are so that we can see in. God is not going to pour out cars or cash and the material things that men seek He sends forth a word
that men can see. The pictures of Heaven have a prophetic word upon which they can stand to which they can bring heaven down to earth. When you look
into eternity, there is no time there

When the prophet looks into eternity he doesn’t have a date. Zechariah looked into the windows of heaven and he saw the picture of Palm Sunday but had
no idea when this would come to pass. God is looking for men like the sons of Issachar who understand the times and the seasons and know what to do.
He is looking for men and women who can sense in their spirit the timing of God. This is so that they do what they must with the word that God has
spoken. God gives a prophetic word to the prophet. Anyone can receive a prophetic word but it’s the office of a prophet that is mainly called to bring


The apostle is the master builder. He hears and sees the prophetic direction God is pointing and he begins to mobilize the resources and people to build
upon that word. That is why in Ephesians 2:20 the bible says that Jesus is the corner stone but the foundation is built upon the apostles and the prophets.
Our lives are meant to be guided by the prophetic Word of God. Any word that is said to be prophetic can never contradict the scriptures. That’s
the way to know if a word has come from God, a man’s flesh or the devil. In Isaiah 55:Rain comes down to water the earth the Word comes down to establish
God’s will on the earth. Snow comes down to water the earth, but snow is like the prophetic word that Zechariah gave concerning Palm Sunday It will
not begin to water until the right time.


Not every prophetic word is for now a time will come when the snow must melt and then it waters. Isaiah 55:11

I want us to be very clear that the prophetic is God’s way of giving directions. The Apostolic is God’s way of building. 

2nd Chronicles 2:20 the prophesy from God to Jehoshaphat.


God has designed us to respond to prophecy /a Word spoken from heaven. The reason sometimes we don’t get results is because we treat prophecies
as “Maybes”. God’s word cannot return to Him void. It must accomplish what He sent it for.

He needs a willing heart that says I hear and believe your word and so shall it be. Prophecy is not to tickle you, but to get you to go in the straight
and narrow path that leads to life.We want to hear from God without the trouble of getting to know Him. It’s our itchy ears looking to know tomorrow
when we have God himself. He will show you that which is to come by His Spirit if you need to know. His word will come when it is needed. The Bible is full of prophesy.You haven’t yet brought those in the Bible to pass in your life and you are looking for a direct word from God. God is
about to build something great something massive right here in our midst. There is no longer any room for hypocrisy.


Lifting up Holy hands on Sunday morning and during the week at work you’re worse than the devil himself.

There is nothing that the devil can give you that God cannot give you several times over.


On Palm Sunday the prophesy of Zechariah 2000 years before was about to be fulfilled. Jesus was not only a prophet, He was an apostle, evangelist and pastor.
He knew the word of God. Everything that belongs to us actually belongs to God so that anytime He says he has need of it, we relinquish it to him.
We live in a world which has become excessively possessive. There is nobody sitting under the sound of my voice that can take anything away from this
earth. Not one not even myself.None of us can leave with any of the things we have acquired

So why become closer to them than we are to His Majesty on high. Matthew 21:4

Prophesy is so important to God that He is watching over it to perform it. All He needs are men and women who desire to see His will come to pass. The
prayer Jesus prayed was not a prayer but a pattern for the way we should pray. There are many reasons that God wanted the prophecy that He had spoken
through Zechariah to be fulfilled. Jesus was not widely known as we would think. This was his coming out.


I researched the word HOSANNA which was the chant by the people, Hosanna is a word used to worship and to adore, but it means “Save God!”That is, I am
calling on God to save. They recognised Christ as their saviour.

It’s interesting that these people only had enough patience to wait for salvation for a few days It wasn’t long before they turned on Him. It’s the same
people that gathered in the streets Jerusalem that gathered at Calvary. Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on an Ass. (The King of Kings) .


Palm Sunday represents to us the soon and coming King. It represents to us that we have a hope and a future.

It represents the need for patience and forbearance. Soon and very soon this too shall pass.When men say there is a casting down. It doesn’t matter what
you see, you say there shall be a lifting up We are not ordinary people we are extraordinary people In us dwells the Spirit of the living God. God
has given us the ability to speak and decree a thing and see it established. We cannot just decree whatever we desire, we must have the sure word of


He wept over Jerusalem, because Jerusalem did not see itself through the eyes of prophecy, but he could see what would happen in the future of Jerusalem.

Today He weeps not over Jerusalem. He is coming to Jerusalem He sees the New Jerusalem that would come down from heaven to teach us that on earth as it
is in heaven.That is the centre point of God’s purpose on earth as it is in heaven.

For your life, family, career, on earth as it is in heaven.

That’s God’s plan, He sends prophetic words and will send the apostolic into your life to help establish and build what he has taken counsel to do.


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