MAY 7TH 2017




Dan. 11:32

Exploits are not automatic. If you are going to do exploits in the land today in your career, family, finance, or ministry, there are some attributes
that you need to add to your life to trigger or provoke unlimited exploits.

1.You need to know God

2.You need to be strong

3.You need to have imposing and aggressive faith

4.You must learn persistent and importunate prayers


These 4 things will bring you to a place where you can provoke unlimited exploits in your life

For most believers the time gap between 1 exploit and the other is too long. Some people have experienced a miracle and by the time they experience
another miracle its two, 5 or 10 years and it doesn’t seem to bother them. You ought to have breakthroughs every day. If it’s not happening on
a regular basis then there is a problem. The best thing to have are daily exploits.


In order to have daily exploits you need to know the following:

1.You need to know God:

a.You must know God through and by His word. His word is not a history book but God’s contract with you. Job said I have esteemed your Word more than
my necessary food. Job 23:12

You know God when you fellowship with the Holy Spirit. God’s word gives you the general plan for your life, but the Holy Spirit gives you the specific
plan for your life.


b.You must know God by the people over and around you. Whoever is over you and speaks into your life determines the size of God or the devil in you.
If you ever catch a vision of the omnipotence of God you will understand the futility and impotence of the devil. Your association will determine your impartation. God’s
words were spoken that it might be written and it was written that it might be spoken back to God again.


c.You know God through church attendance


2.You have to be strong. Being strong is not automatic. Paul prayed that you be strengthened with might in your inner man. Ephesians 3:16. Proverbs
24: 10, (How do I become strong) 1st John 2:13 -14 I become strong by the word abiding in me.


3.You have to get into aggressive and imposing faith. Jesus has done everything at the cross, but it takes your faith to accentuate
and appropriate everything he has done for you. It’s not the faith that waits but the faith that takes. Faith by nature is imposing and aggressive. Faith is to get Jesus to follow you.



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