MAY 28TH 2017



TEXT: Psalm 148:1-14, Revelations 19; 1-6, Acts 16:25-26


Thanksgiving releases favour (Luke 17:17) Thanksgiving deals with gratitude to God for something he has done.


1. Praise deals with God’s greatness. Praise Him for what he has done. Psalm 50:23 when you praise you glorify God. You bestow honour.


2. Praise is a faith booster. Psalm 34:3 when you praise God, he is magnified in your mind and becomes bigger in your heart


3. Praise beautifies the praiser. Every time you engage the praise of God, you are clothed in the spirit.


4. Praise is a spiritual weapon. Psalm 149:6-7


5. Praise triggers a harvest, increase and multiplication Psalm 67:5-6 when we praise God we are occasioning the anointing for harvest and increase.
Jerimiah 30:19




1. Yadah: to show reverence or Praise with extended hands. When we lift our hands it shows reverence and surrender to God. It also means shooting an
arrow or throwing a stone. The lifting of hands should come from the heart.


2. Towdah: similar to Yaddah, it is the lifting of the right hand. This expressing speaks about agreement. Agreement to every word God has spoken.


3. Barauch: to kneel or to bow. To bless God by assuming a low posture. It speaks of humility. It says God I am nothing without you, I am lesser and
you are greater.


4. Tehillah: this happens when we sing to him new unrehearsed and spontaneous songs. This is a dimension that that we need to be conversant with as
the body of Christ. This is the realm that God steps in. it’s like drilling for oil, it takes time. (Zephaniah 3) it is a time when God releases
prophetic words over his people.


5.Zamar: praising God with instruments and music.


6. Shabach: Deals with loud praise. To shout. It is what brought down the walls of Jericho. There are some walls that only respond to a shout.


7. Hallal: Hallelujah is the combination of two words. ‘Hallal’ and ‘Ya’ (Yaweh).Hallelujah means praise the Lord. Hallelujah means to shine, and show
forth. Hallelujah means colourful and to celebrate. Halleluiah also means to boast and be clamorously foolish.


(Psalm 44:8) when you are engaging halleluiah you boast in God in the presence of your circumstance and mountain. 1st Sam 17:40-50. In spiritual
warfare words are the weapons. When the devil is speaking to you don’t keep quiet, speak back. Whatever you speak are sound waves, they don’t die.
Hallelujah is to boast in God in the presence of your enemies or present circumstance.


If it is not unto God it is not halleluiah it is just Hallal (celebration). The power of God is released when it is unto the Lord. 2nd Sam 6:12-18
clamorously foolish. Halleluiah also means to fame oneself mad in the sight of man. Halleluiah is not just a physical expression of humility, it
is a life style of praise. Isiah 43: 1.

God doesn’t just want you to shout and sing, He wants you to be the halleluiah.

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