FEB 5TH 2017




A revival is a spirit led event. A spirit led inspiration purposed to inspire greater activity among the members of the church body and to urge the
lively to earn new converts. A revival is a spirit led inspiration purposed to bring rebirth for us to go out to gain new converts in the name
of the Lord Jesus Christ for us to fulfill a responsibility, duty and honour of Jesus Christ.


In order for us to manifest we must first be revived ourselves and through this personal revival, we must come to a realization of the Lord Jesus Christ
for ourselves it’s one thing to recognise Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and saviour.

Ezekiel 37: 1-7: “the hand of the Lord was upon me…” this statement is figurative.

(Verse 2-7) God is asking you a question, son and daughter of man can the dead bones around you live? And you say Lord these are very dry bones.


Have you sat down to ask the Lord, what He has called you to revive?


Leviticus 6: 12-13 here the scriptures explains that the fire must be kept burning, it is not to go out. It should burn continuously without interruption.
Some people might say that this part of the scripture is attached to the law and they don’t live under the law but under grace.

The truth is it still holds true to our present day and circumstance. It still has figurative meaning for us. For each and every one of us the altar
that should never burn out is the fire that has been lit inside our hearts.


To be revived, there must be something to ignite the flame and if it can be ignited we have to make sure that the fire that is burning within doesn’t
run out it doesn’t stop. Christ ignites the fire within us. We are baptised through fire through the Holy Spirit and expects us to maintain the
fire in us by walking in the spirit of truth.


Aaron and his sons were instructed to offer a Lamb in the morning and at night. We are instructed to make an offering as well in Romans 12:1This is
a given expectation. This priest had the responsibility to remove the ashes.

If you are constantly burning a fire, you would have to at some point remove the ashes. If you don’t the ashes will pile up and will soon engulf the
flames. Often times we want God to burn the sin, but we want to keep the ashes. For instance when you left the relationship, but you are still
keeping the number. You wanted to burn the fornicating relationship, but still wanted to keep the ashes of what could be.


When the scripture says that we should forgive as he has forgiven us we say, “God burn the un-forgiveness in my heart, but I am going to keep the ashes
of not forgetting”.

Ask yourself this question, how can a strong hold of whatever type of addiction you are struggling with reside in the same place where the Spirit of
the Lord is?

If He did not allow it in the Holy of Holies why do you think He will allow it inside of you?


This is why he tells us to put on our entire armour. Just as the priest had a responsibility to burn wood on the altar every morning we have a responsibility
to devote ourselves to a life of prayer, the study of God’s word and fellowship of other believers.

Spending time with the Lord is not an issue of time but of desire, because we all have the same amount of time (24hrs). The honest truth is you don’t
want to spend time with God, because if you want to you would do it. When the desire is there you have no other choice but to do it. Just like
if you want to do something, you purpose in your heart to get it done.


What soldier do you know that does not go first to the commander for instructions? To say you are a soldier in the army of the Lord and you don’t spend
time with him, whose commands are you following? How can you fight for someone so violently with the Gospel of truth when you have your sword in
the car? How are you keeping your sword sharpened?


There is a new trend going on where people believe they don’t need to go to church any more. They say God is with them everywhere they go.

If a basket filled with burning coal was set on fire and one piece was taken out it would die out. Why? Because the friction in the heat from everyone
else is heating up just that ONE, but when the ONE is removed and placed on an island of itself, it will become vulnerable to being quenched.


The protection and the strength of the sheep is in the flock. The wolf and the lion they search out the elders, the children and the weak. This is
why the scriptures tell us to care for our elders, orphans and the weak. When an animal is weak, the heard gathers around the weak one, they place
the weak animal in the middle and help it along when they run.


When the shepherd sees that there is a weak sheep he carries it until it gets strong. If you don’t stay within the burning coal and you step out, the
fire will soon die out. We must have daily preparation. Just like the altar with the priest we have to continuously add logs to the fire. The logs
we are to add is the word of God.





1.We must make sure that the sword of the spirit is constantly sharpened


2.We must add the necessary amount of logs to our fire in daily preparation


3.We need to separate ourselves from ungodliness, not be unequally yoked


4.We must be fully dependent upon God to do only what He desires


5.We must be doers of the word and not hearers only


When you are active in the army you don’t get bored. Where there is fire you will always see smoke. When the spirit of God ignites you, people will
notice from miles away. Nations are waiting on your obedience also submission is power under restrain.

What are you going to offer to the Lord? Do you have an expectation for the power of God to transform you?


Get your eyes of yourself and focus!!!

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