APRIL 2ND 2017


David’s Giant was a man called Goliath. Giants don’t always come in the form of men. Sometimes they come in the form of spirits. Sometimes they come
as financial or health challenges. No matter what the giant is, if we learn from David we can bring every single giant down. 1st Sam 17: 4
Giants and tests will come. It is an inevitable part of life. That is why James writing to the church said, rejoice when you face trials/giants. This
is because it is the trying of your faith. Faith is developed in the furnace of trials. The trying of your faith will build you up. Faith that
has not being tested cannot be relied upon. We need to learn how to trust God with everything. Even God allows us to face trials. 1st Cor. 10:
13. Trials will come, but God always makes a way of escape with every trial. 2nd Tim 1:7


Giants speak. They are meant to intimidate you and bring fear. God says, I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, and of power and a sound
mind. If we are going to defeat the giants that oppose us, then we must resist fear. Fear must have no place in our lives. Fear encourages the
adversary. The moment an adversary comes and begins to speak words against you and detects your fear, they are strengthened and encouraged. When
they come and see no fear, they are baffled. How did David overcome fear? How did he do it? David developed intimacy with God. Intimacy is a two
way street. Into-me-you-see.


When you can be open with someone and they can see who you really are. As God could see into David and they became closer and closer. David grew into
his ability to see into God. 1st Sam.17:32
The reasoning of Saul was based upon earthly reality. If you are child of God, you don’t live under earthly reality. The words of Saul were meant to
discourage David. David knew it wasn’t him that dealt with the Lion and the bear. When you face giants it’s a good thing to rehearse what the Lord
has done for you. It is good to keep a record of things God has done. I am not saying this so that we can live in the past. Keeping this record
is so that you can go forward/move on. As the trials come and you receive the victory, you keep on going.
Fight with the weapons you are familiar with. Don’t fight with somebody else’s weapons.


Any curse that comes from the mouth of a man that does not know God cannot touch you. The curses reigned on David by Goliath were like water. The solution
is in your mouth. We need to understand the place of prophetic utterances. You create your own future by your own prophetic utterances. You have
to work at it. You have to do what the Spirit of God will have you do. You must decapitate the giants that are coming against you don’t stop because
they stopped. Don’t stop until they cannot continue.
Recession is a kind of giant, but the sons of the most high are recession proof. This is because you don’t live according to an earthly economy. Engage
the Holy Spirit and he will show you what to do. Do what He shows you and you will surely prosper. You have the responsibility to make things happen.
The moment you realize that you are alone without the Holy Ghost helping you, you lean on him and he shows you every step of the way.

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