MARCH 19TH 2017

(Jeremiah 1: 5-6) before you ever existed, there is nothing about your life that God didn’t know.The word sanctified is a word that we tend to use
in church when we talk about holy things.

The word means, “set apart” Holy things are Holy, because they are set apart. So God is saying to Jeremiah in this scripture, that He has set him apart
for a specific purpose.


When we talk about a call of God, most people think in terms of ministry: Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and minister, but God calls some people
to be producers in Nolly-wood, some to be musicians in the secular world, doctors in hospitals, lawyers.Calling of God is not just necessarily
for behind the pulpit. There is a call upon your life. In Jer 1: 6 Jeremiah begins to doubt the calling of God upon his life.God does nothing without
speaking.In Jeremiah 1:7 we see that God has equipped everyone with every mental, emotional, spiritual and material resource to fulfill his/her


No matter what you think, you are fit for purpose. In Isaiah 6: 5- 8: Isaiah also doubted his ability. Whatever you lack God will give. Whatever is
missing God will replace. A lot of people have asked me, how I know that it is the voice of God and not my mind? This is the answer: Our problem
is that we depend so much on our own ability to hear from God. God pr-existed before anything ever existed. To God, the earth is no bigger than
a pin head. The inhabitants of the earth are not even as big as a speck of dust. He did not count the number of hair on your head, He decided how
many hairs you will have on your head.This same God has something to use to communicate with you.God knows all things and is everywhere, so how
can he fail to pass a message to you.


Don’t depend on your ability to hear depend on God’s ability to make sure that you hear. God has a vested interest in your hearing.
When we just trust God, we know when he has spoken Philippians 3:13-14. 2nd Timothy 4:7. Paul refers to a race in this scripture.When I say run
your race, it’s not a race between anyone else It’s a race God expects you to run with faith and diligence. Ecc 9:11.In running your race, don’t
look at your abilities 26.Look at God’s ability or you will totally miss it. God has given you skills and abilities don’t sit on them. Try them,
develop them. Don’t depend on your skills and ability, depend on God who is the giver. Otherwise you will get into trouble. If you can see God
in your life there is strength.God determines who wins the race. Proverbs 19:21. Align your plans with God’s purpose. We have to hear from and
listen to God. He doesn’t have a problem communicating with us.


Isaiah 59:1As you run your race there are times you will need to be saved. We have the capacity to get ourselves in trouble. When we miss our turn
God recalculates our race back on course as soon as possible

When you need to be saved, don’t say that God does not have the ability to reach out and save you. Isaiah 14:27 the Lord of host. When the bible says
the Lord of Hosts its talking about the host of the earth, the host of heaven and the host under the earth. Satan is not as powerful as you might
have thought, He can’t stop God’s purpose.

As you run your race, know that there is no one that can stop your purpose in life, not even the devil. He will try, but every attempt he makes God
will come up with a solution.


Hebrews 12:1-2: lay aside every weight.You can’t run a race if you are weighed down. Weights are not necessarily sins.Weights are not necessarily wrong,
lay them aside (e.g. Friends, habits, food etc) In Christ Jesus we have dominion over sin, enforce that victory. Sin can make it so easy to spoil
your race. Jesus came to destroy the power of sin, it has no power over you unless you give it power. Run with patience with endurance the race
that is set before you.Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. Only Jesus gives you the skill and ability to lay aside the weights.
The crowns that you are struggling for will be so worthless to you when you see God in comparison to God that you’ll throw them up, because Jesus
sits at the right hand of God, you and I are there also. Not tomorrow, not in the sweet by and by, right now!



As you run your race you must stay focused. Always remember what your mission is.

Ultimately all of us have a common mission. Which is to bring heaven to earth.In your industry, field, wherever you are your mission is to bring heaven
to earth. We must keep our focus and be prepared to endure the cross. Endure the cross despising the shame. 2nd Corinthians 4:7. As you run your
race there’s a treasure inside you. That treasure is the King of Glory the Holy Spirit living inside you. The Excellency of His power is not of
us but of God. God chose the weak things to confound the wise. Trouble is inevitable in running your race. We are governed by the things which
are seen, but we should be governed by the things we can’t see.


Run your race, don’t try to run another person’s race.





MARCH 4TH 2017





2nd Corinthians 5:17.

For a long time I battled with this scripture because when we give our lives to Christ it says old things have passed away all things have become new.
I didn’t understand why I was born again, but I wasn’t new. I was still the same person, struggling with the same sins. I read scriptures that talked
about the transformation and the change, but I just didn’t understand it. I kept asking myself, why am I this way? Why am I still battling with depression,
lust, anger, and grudges?


So the Lord led me to Ephesians 4:17- 18 and Romans 12: 1-2

Salvation deals with the Spirit and the Soul, but the mind is another thing entirely, that’s why it has to be renewed. The thing is we are new, but we
still think like we used to. We’ve lived in this world so long, trained, programmed, so our thoughts are based on our environment.


It’s as though we have taken on a new identity, but struggling with our past life. From the movie the prince and the pauper, we remember that they looked
alike, but when the pauper got into the palace he struggled, but still had the mentality of the pauper. Despite all the riches and the wealth he couldn’t
see beyond who he used to be. For a lot of us that is our struggle.


God has given us an inheritance, grace, mercy, everything, but we are still thinking like we used to. One thing God said is that the problem with the flesh
is it’s easier for the flesh to accept forgiveness than it is to accept grace. It’s easier for you to believe that God forgives sins than for you to
believe you have the power to overcome it that’s why grace has been bastardized and changed and has taken on a new meaning.


People struggle with the concept that even after been into adultery they have the power to walk away. We have it, but just don’t know it and are not aware
of it. We have this inheritance, but still walking like we are in bondage.

It’s like God has cut the chains, but you are still walking like your hands are tied. You don’t realise that you have been set free so you are in a cage
but the Lord is telling you I have opened the door all you have to do is come out.

For you not to be taken up by this world your mentality has to change. You have to start thinking like the son of God. When you are faced with a situation,
don’t look at it like an unbeliever. David wasn’t thinking in the flesh. The Lord says we are limited by our mind that is why the body of Christ, the
Church isn’t manifesting. We duplicate the actions and thought pattern of the world.


The renewal of the mind is a process and we need to be reprogrammed. One of the things that help change our mentality is the Holy Spirit.

Let’s talk about the Holy Spirit.


One of the assignments God gave me was to study the Trinity in my walk. We all say 3 in one 1 in 3, but do we understand the part that they play? When
you understand who God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is you will be able to relate with Him and the fullness of Him in these three
parts. Once we accept the Holy Spirit we speak in tongues. The Holy Spirit has been relegated to just that, but He is much more than that. The Holy
Spirit plays an important role in our lives. John 14:26


I studied once in the bible where it says the sons of God are led by the spirit of God and so I pondered on this and the Lord took me to 1st Corinthians 2:11

When we say the mind of Christ we think that God is talking about our mind. The Holy Spirit is the mind of Christ, because who knows God more intimately
than Him. The Holy Spirit is much more than just speaking in tongues that’s just one of the many amazing things. He is our teacher. The Holy Spirit
was an important factor in the lives of the Apostles of old.


How many of us listen to the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is an important factor in our lives. If you are going to live life on earth and live it to the
fullness of God, you have to be tight with the Holy Spirit. These are the times when we need Him, because there is so much error, but the Bible refers
to Him as the Spirit of truth. He not only tells us who we are, but shows us who God is. We get to see God naked and exposed.


We need to allow the Holy Spirit in and Listen to Him. He is the reveals our gifts to us, He knows what God has given us. It’s the Holy Spirit that brings
awareness to what we have. He helps us understand the beauty and power of grace. He helps us to understand what mercy and the weapons of our warfare
are. Some of us know spiritual truths but are applying it the wrong way. The Holy Spirit takes us deeper, he reveals and shows us what God has given
us. He reminds us of who we are as Sons of God.


Once after speaking to my daughter, I asked the Holy Spirit, how does one raise a child? He said a child is not meant to be moulded by his or her parents,
a child comes with everything that God has destined him or her to be. Your job is to discover and nurture it and help him or her become who God has
destined. Your child is not a blank slate for you to write on. You have a resource deep within, that is greater than the wisdom of man, tap into it.
You can’t discover yourself. You didn’t make yourself, God did. The reason why you are still thinking the way you used to be is because you haven’t
surrendered yourself to God.


In our walk with God a lot of us have given him terms and conditions. A lot of us are saved but we haven’t given our lives to God. Our perception of who
we are stands in the way. We are so stuck on who we think we are. Dying to self is letting go of who you think you are and letting God reveal who He
created you to be. Look at Gideon, he saw himself as a coward. Many of us are trapped because we are living a lie. A lot of us are not serving God
because we think we are not worth or capable. A lot of us are not serving God because we want to be comfortable.


God is asking, are you ready to let me have control and have a say? The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God and not people’s opinions, thoughts or
trends. Sometimes we need to step aside and let God do what He wants to we can’t manifest if SELF is in the way. Manifestation happens in the place
of surrender and obedience. Are we sold out for Christ or trying to do what everyone thinks we should do? Are we ready to let go and let God and accept
what He wants to do? God has to scatter and rearrange our lives.


There is too much cluster. The Holy Spirit has been made available to us to live this life to the fullness of His power. My question for everyone is, are
you ready to listen and obey the Holy Spirit?

I encourage you to die to self and be led by the Holy Ghost.







FEB 26TH 2017




Romans 8:19:

Nothing will change in our country, in our economy indeed across the whole world until there is a manifestation of the Sons of God.

No economic policy, law and social enterprise can change anything if there isn’t a manifestation of the Sons of God.

Indeed the Bible says all creation. This means everything that is created including economies and politics is waiting for the power that is on the inside
of you to begin to manifest on the outside.


It’s always good to have pioneers that can be followed.

When the disciples that followed Jesus followed His instructions and waited in Jerusalem,and the Holy Ghost came upon them they started to manifest the
Glory of God.

In Acts 3:6 -7 Peter had walked, talked and believed in Jesus for 3 ½ years.

Peter and John went to the beautiful gate. It was the gate to the temple in Jerusalem.


Please note that in those days anything that happened in the temple became news throughout the city.This miracle at the beautiful gate turned Jerusalem
upside-down. Everyone was talking about the miracle.

The perspectives of so many Jews in Jerusalem changed towards Jesus because of this miracle.

It was the centre of the Jewish life and they went straight to the centre to make manifest the King of Glory and the Lord of Lord. Verse 12 shows that
Peter and John were men of character who were grounded in the faith.

The fact that somebody who was lame from birth had begun to walk,did not lead them to print business cards saying “Raisers of the lame”.


They knew that Jesus was the author of that miracle they pointed this out in verse 16.

Faith in the name of Jesus will change your life, and make the impossible possible. Faith in the name of Jesus would change the world around you. If you
are going to allow Christ to give you the keys of the Kingdom of God,

Then you must be in the realm of the Spirit.


Peter heard by the spirit of God, and Jesus latched onto it (Matt 16:17) by saying it’s upon this understanding that I will build my church.

The miracle at the beautiful gate caused such a stir in Jerusalem. Peter and john were summoned. 

Acts 4:8 explains that the people of God that will manifest, will manifest because they are filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will not occupy the same place with any other spirit. If there is any other spirit operational in your life get rid of it, because the
Holy Spirit will not occupy that same space. 

 Acts 4: 31  shows that Prayer changes things. When we are all together in prayer buildings will shake.

The Word of God will come forth with boldness because of the anointing of the Holy Ghost.


We face as a nation monumental corruption. In Acts 5: 9-10 it was similar, but this corruption was among those who followed the disciples (Ananias &

When there is a manifestation of the Sons of God corruption is dealt with. Like in Acts 5: 19 the Holy Ghost can spring you out from jail, if you are sent
to jail because of your assignment from God.

The world understands wonders and when men and women of faith begin to be filled with power and faith, they will work wonders. ( Acts 6:8)

As men and women begin to do wondrous things for God there will certainly arise oppositions. Oppositions arose to Stephen, but such was that which was
on the inside of Stephen that even in the midst of opposition he never flinched not one inch. He remained steadfast in faith even as they picked up
stones to stone him. He fastened his gaze upon heaven and said “that looks like the Son of the most High who is standing up just to encourage me”.

Acts 12: 5 – 9 in Prison Peter probably was not able to pray as he usually would. Sometimes you go through situations and you find it difficult to pray.
The church of God in this passage was not a social/ spiritual club

It was a people who had an understanding of the governing authority that God put in the Church.


IN Acts 14:8 – 10 Paul perceived that the man had faith to be healed. May you be able to perceive what is happening around you.


When the power of God is at work in your life you will begin to see and understand things that cannot be understood by the natural man. When Isaiah prophesied
about Jesus (the Government shall be upon His shoulder..) he was referring to the Church, what the church does makes the difference.

Acts 18: from verse 8 shows that things change when we recognise the power that God has deposited in us.


God has a ministry for you that will change the world around you. Acts 19:11-13

What was it about the Apostles of old that made a difference?

Acts 1:4 Obedience. They had a mind to obey Christ

They understood that there was a promise that was going to facilitate or enable them fulfil the work they had been called to.

Acts 2: 1 they were united and in one accord ( unity)

There was one reason they followed Jesus and waited in the upper room.

They believed in Christ right to the core of their being.



Our faith is central to the manifestation of the power of God.






FEB 19TH 2017





(Matthew 6:24 – 34) I would like to draw our attention from this scripture to the things that usually take our time. Jesus talked about life, we are
concerned about our life, food, clothing, what to drink and shelter. In verse 24 Jesus says we cannot serve God and mammon.

If we get so engrossed in these daily affairs of life we will not focus on important things that God wants us to focus on and God doesn’t want us His
children to live in this manner. I am aware that we live in a time of recession and it’s not easy to ignore these concerns.

I ask myself is life only all about responsibilities and the cares of life? So I asked myself, why exactly am I here on earth?




  • 1.Ephesians 1: 5 God wants us to be part of His family
  • The only way to become part of God’s family is to be born again (1st Peter 1:3). God expects us to live together in certain ways. He wants us to
    love and pray for one another, bear with one another, submit and forgive one another.
  • 2.Revelations 4: 11 God wants us to give Him pleasure
  • We can give God pleasure by loving, trusting, obeying, surrendering, praising and thanking Him.
  • Love Him supremely. Hebrews 11:6 having faith in God is to trust Him and trust means to take God by His word without having another plan. 1st Sam 15:22 what pleases God is for us to obey Him. We must obey God totally and completely. In Romans 12: 1 we see how it pleases God when we
    surrender to Him.
  • Hebrews 13:15 -16 expresses how it pleases God when we praise and thank Him continually. According to Romans 8:8 – 9 we must always walk in the
    Spirit to please God.
  • 3.Romans 8: 29 God wants us to be like Jesus Christ
  • He uses His word, circumstances and human beings to fulfil this purpose
  • (1st John 3: 1 -2) I don’t think this refers to our resurrected body. I believe this refers to having the character or nature of Jesus
    Christ. Having the character of Jesus Christ can be seen in Galatians 5:22-23 (fruit of the spirit) God wants us to manifest these character
    traits in our lives even when faced with trials. Repentance is not just a change of mind but of direction.
  • 4.Ephesians 2 : 10 God wants us to help others
  • God has equipped us in various ways through gifts which we can see in Romans 12: 6-8. Every human being possess at least one of these gifts. These
    gifts are to be used by you to help others and not for your consumption only.
  • 5.John 17:18 Acts 20: 24 God wants us to fulfil our mission

By telling others about the Good news of Christ (Salvation and the Salvation: Gospel about the salvation of your soul/Spirit. Kingdom: not only about
the salvation of your soul but the good news of His Kingdom










FEB 5TH 2017




A revival is a spirit led event. A spirit led inspiration purposed to inspire greater activity among the members of the church body and to urge the
lively to earn new converts. A revival is a spirit led inspiration purposed to bring rebirth for us to go out to gain new converts in the name
of the Lord Jesus Christ for us to fulfill a responsibility, duty and honour of Jesus Christ.


In order for us to manifest we must first be revived ourselves and through this personal revival, we must come to a realization of the Lord Jesus Christ
for ourselves it’s one thing to recognise Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and saviour.

Ezekiel 37: 1-7: “the hand of the Lord was upon me…” this statement is figurative.

(Verse 2-7) God is asking you a question, son and daughter of man can the dead bones around you live? And you say Lord these are very dry bones.


Have you sat down to ask the Lord, what He has called you to revive?


Leviticus 6: 12-13 here the scriptures explains that the fire must be kept burning, it is not to go out. It should burn continuously without interruption.
Some people might say that this part of the scripture is attached to the law and they don’t live under the law but under grace.

The truth is it still holds true to our present day and circumstance. It still has figurative meaning for us. For each and every one of us the altar
that should never burn out is the fire that has been lit inside our hearts.


To be revived, there must be something to ignite the flame and if it can be ignited we have to make sure that the fire that is burning within doesn’t
run out it doesn’t stop. Christ ignites the fire within us. We are baptised through fire through the Holy Spirit and expects us to maintain the
fire in us by walking in the spirit of truth.


Aaron and his sons were instructed to offer a Lamb in the morning and at night. We are instructed to make an offering as well in Romans 12:1This is
a given expectation. This priest had the responsibility to remove the ashes.

If you are constantly burning a fire, you would have to at some point remove the ashes. If you don’t the ashes will pile up and will soon engulf the
flames. Often times we want God to burn the sin, but we want to keep the ashes. For instance when you left the relationship, but you are still
keeping the number. You wanted to burn the fornicating relationship, but still wanted to keep the ashes of what could be.


When the scripture says that we should forgive as he has forgiven us we say, “God burn the un-forgiveness in my heart, but I am going to keep the ashes
of not forgetting”.

Ask yourself this question, how can a strong hold of whatever type of addiction you are struggling with reside in the same place where the Spirit of
the Lord is?

If He did not allow it in the Holy of Holies why do you think He will allow it inside of you?


This is why he tells us to put on our entire armour. Just as the priest had a responsibility to burn wood on the altar every morning we have a responsibility
to devote ourselves to a life of prayer, the study of God’s word and fellowship of other believers.

Spending time with the Lord is not an issue of time but of desire, because we all have the same amount of time (24hrs). The honest truth is you don’t
want to spend time with God, because if you want to you would do it. When the desire is there you have no other choice but to do it. Just like
if you want to do something, you purpose in your heart to get it done.


What soldier do you know that does not go first to the commander for instructions? To say you are a soldier in the army of the Lord and you don’t spend
time with him, whose commands are you following? How can you fight for someone so violently with the Gospel of truth when you have your sword in
the car? How are you keeping your sword sharpened?


There is a new trend going on where people believe they don’t need to go to church any more. They say God is with them everywhere they go.

If a basket filled with burning coal was set on fire and one piece was taken out it would die out. Why? Because the friction in the heat from everyone
else is heating up just that ONE, but when the ONE is removed and placed on an island of itself, it will become vulnerable to being quenched.


The protection and the strength of the sheep is in the flock. The wolf and the lion they search out the elders, the children and the weak. This is
why the scriptures tell us to care for our elders, orphans and the weak. When an animal is weak, the heard gathers around the weak one, they place
the weak animal in the middle and help it along when they run.


When the shepherd sees that there is a weak sheep he carries it until it gets strong. If you don’t stay within the burning coal and you step out, the
fire will soon die out. We must have daily preparation. Just like the altar with the priest we have to continuously add logs to the fire. The logs
we are to add is the word of God.





1.We must make sure that the sword of the spirit is constantly sharpened


2.We must add the necessary amount of logs to our fire in daily preparation


3.We need to separate ourselves from ungodliness, not be unequally yoked


4.We must be fully dependent upon God to do only what He desires


5.We must be doers of the word and not hearers only


When you are active in the army you don’t get bored. Where there is fire you will always see smoke. When the spirit of God ignites you, people will
notice from miles away. Nations are waiting on your obedience also submission is power under restrain.

What are you going to offer to the Lord? Do you have an expectation for the power of God to transform you?


Get your eyes of yourself and focus!!!


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