JUNE 4TH 2017



Judges 6:11


There are times that the preacher’s sermon or God’s word doesn’t make sense. Many people have questions in there heart Genesis 25:22

How do you define the person who God is with?

Somewhere in our minds we already have ways of determining or defining God on our side

There are times that God’s words don’t make sense this is because we try to rationalize His words.


God is a Spirit, God is not man. Numbers 23: 19, James 4:4. What happens most of the time is that we try to use our natural mind to comprehend Him, but this doesn’t work. 1st Corn 2 (the natural mind can’t comprehend or understand the things of the spirit because they are alien to him. The fact that you to have strength means you can lack strength

Ephesians 3:17. When you lack strength it means you are weak. Remember that winning starts from within. Your strength on the inside is what you use to fight on the outside.


There is nowhere in the bible which states that a Christian will not go through adversities. The problem with Christians is that we don’t know how
to define adversities. 2nd Corinthians 2:14 there can be no triumph without trials.

Nobody wins without a fight. There is a good fight and a bad fight. 1st Tim 6:12


Fighting a colleague in the ministry for souls is a bad fight, but fighting the devil for your faith is a good fight. It’s time for us to develop inner muscles and become fighters.



Your faith will be tried James 1:2-3. Contend earnestly for the things you believe in. When your faith is tried and you stand you become victorious, but the moment you fall or curse God it’s all over. (Job 1)

A Christian must be trained to receive punches and not only give punches. Don’t let the devil ever put you down. All he wants to do is make you quit.


1st Corinthians 10: 1-5. The fact that you are going through adversities doesn’t mean God is not with you. The fact that you lack adversities
does not mean God is with you. 1st Corinthians 10:12.


Psalm 37:23-25 Let God hold you, don’t hold God. Follow Gods leading your stumbling was orchestrated by God to lift you up. Like Joseph he had to go to prison to get to the palace. (Genesis 41: 1-57)


All things work together for our good. These “all things” are bad things (Rom 8:28) It doesn’t make sense to say all good things work together for
good… Adversities work together for your good. The cross is the pathway to the crown. You have to focus on the crown. You can’t win the
game without dreaming of playing the game.


Proverbs 24:10. God will allow you to face certain challenges to try your strength to know how strong you are. Being in the Lord is not sufficient,
but being strong in the Lord is more important. If you faint in the day of adversity thy faith is small.


Ephesians 6:10 if you are in the Lord, you need to ask yourself how strong am I in the Lord. Make sure the devil gives up on you and not you giving
up on him be sold out for God. Adversities come in our lives to test and tempt our strength. The devil wins when you don’t stand. The moment you
curse God the devil wins.




MAY 28TH 2017



TEXT: Psalm 148:1-14, Revelations 19; 1-6, Acts 16:25-26


Thanksgiving releases favour (Luke 17:17) Thanksgiving deals with gratitude to God for something he has done.


1. Praise deals with God’s greatness. Praise Him for what he has done. Psalm 50:23 when you praise you glorify God. You bestow honour.


2. Praise is a faith booster. Psalm 34:3 when you praise God, he is magnified in your mind and becomes bigger in your heart


3. Praise beautifies the praiser. Every time you engage the praise of God, you are clothed in the spirit.


4. Praise is a spiritual weapon. Psalm 149:6-7


5. Praise triggers a harvest, increase and multiplication Psalm 67:5-6 when we praise God we are occasioning the anointing for harvest and increase.
Jerimiah 30:19




1. Yadah: to show reverence or Praise with extended hands. When we lift our hands it shows reverence and surrender to God. It also means shooting an
arrow or throwing a stone. The lifting of hands should come from the heart.


2. Towdah: similar to Yaddah, it is the lifting of the right hand. This expressing speaks about agreement. Agreement to every word God has spoken.


3. Barauch: to kneel or to bow. To bless God by assuming a low posture. It speaks of humility. It says God I am nothing without you, I am lesser and
you are greater.


4. Tehillah: this happens when we sing to him new unrehearsed and spontaneous songs. This is a dimension that that we need to be conversant with as
the body of Christ. This is the realm that God steps in. it’s like drilling for oil, it takes time. (Zephaniah 3) it is a time when God releases
prophetic words over his people.


5.Zamar: praising God with instruments and music.


6. Shabach: Deals with loud praise. To shout. It is what brought down the walls of Jericho. There are some walls that only respond to a shout.


7. Hallal: Hallelujah is the combination of two words. ‘Hallal’ and ‘Ya’ (Yaweh).Hallelujah means praise the Lord. Hallelujah means to shine, and show
forth. Hallelujah means colourful and to celebrate. Halleluiah also means to boast and be clamorously foolish.


(Psalm 44:8) when you are engaging halleluiah you boast in God in the presence of your circumstance and mountain. 1st Sam 17:40-50. In spiritual
warfare words are the weapons. When the devil is speaking to you don’t keep quiet, speak back. Whatever you speak are sound waves, they don’t die.
Hallelujah is to boast in God in the presence of your enemies or present circumstance.


If it is not unto God it is not halleluiah it is just Hallal (celebration). The power of God is released when it is unto the Lord. 2nd Sam 6:12-18
clamorously foolish. Halleluiah also means to fame oneself mad in the sight of man. Halleluiah is not just a physical expression of humility, it
is a life style of praise. Isiah 43: 1.

God doesn’t just want you to shout and sing, He wants you to be the halleluiah.






MAY 21ST 2017


Conflicts are inevitable. Conflicts are disagreements and they could happen between any one:

Husband and wives, siblings, co-workers, family members, neighbours, business partners, relatives, tribes, nations etc

Saul was after David with an intent to kill him. 1st Sam 25


God used Abigail to save the situation and saved David from being a murderer. Sometimes when there is a conflict we pretend there is none we refuse
to act even when we know we can do something about it. Abigail didn’t do that she faced the conflict head on. When we have conflicts and don’t
resolve them satisfactorily it could sometimes affects our destiny.

When Abigail talked about an enduring house she was expecting that the promise of God to make David a king will not only be with David but will pass
onto His children, because that was what God had promised.


Matthew 5:23-25, Matthew 5:9


When we have issues with people and we resolve them, we are only demonstrating who we are in Christ Jesus as children of God. If as a nation certain
issue of conflicts are dealt with properly, we would find ourselves in a better place. God wants us to be peace makers rather than people who escalate
matters. Luke 6:27-30


Let your enemies bring out the best in you and not the worst. When someone takes advantage of you use the occasion to practice the servant’s life.
When God tells us to make peace with others he knows it’s not easy that’s why he gives us the Holy Spirit. Let’s live our lives like Abigail who
is a good example. Let’s be peace makers and resolve every form of conflict that arises. Let’s not create problems that affect our destiny. Let’s
not create situations that will affect the promises that God has made for us in the future.




MAY 7TH 2017




Dan. 11:32

Exploits are not automatic. If you are going to do exploits in the land today in your career, family, finance, or ministry, there are some attributes
that you need to add to your life to trigger or provoke unlimited exploits.

1.You need to know God

2.You need to be strong

3.You need to have imposing and aggressive faith

4.You must learn persistent and importunate prayers


These 4 things will bring you to a place where you can provoke unlimited exploits in your life

For most believers the time gap between 1 exploit and the other is too long. Some people have experienced a miracle and by the time they experience
another miracle its two, 5 or 10 years and it doesn’t seem to bother them. You ought to have breakthroughs every day. If it’s not happening on
a regular basis then there is a problem. The best thing to have are daily exploits.


In order to have daily exploits you need to know the following:

1.You need to know God:

a.You must know God through and by His word. His word is not a history book but God’s contract with you. Job said I have esteemed your Word more than
my necessary food. Job 23:12

You know God when you fellowship with the Holy Spirit. God’s word gives you the general plan for your life, but the Holy Spirit gives you the specific
plan for your life.


b.You must know God by the people over and around you. Whoever is over you and speaks into your life determines the size of God or the devil in you.
If you ever catch a vision of the omnipotence of God you will understand the futility and impotence of the devil. Your association will determine your impartation. God’s
words were spoken that it might be written and it was written that it might be spoken back to God again.


c.You know God through church attendance


2.You have to be strong. Being strong is not automatic. Paul prayed that you be strengthened with might in your inner man. Ephesians 3:16. Proverbs
24: 10, (How do I become strong) 1st John 2:13 -14 I become strong by the word abiding in me.


3.You have to get into aggressive and imposing faith. Jesus has done everything at the cross, but it takes your faith to accentuate
and appropriate everything he has done for you. It’s not the faith that waits but the faith that takes. Faith by nature is imposing and aggressive. Faith is to get Jesus to follow you.





APRIL 30TH 2017




Why did David write the psalms? My conclusion is that he didn’t write it for my benefit or yours but his own benefit. David would take a step back
and see how awesome God is and begin to praise Him. At other times David would examine his life and what God had done through, for and in his life.
At times David would complain bitterly.

There is nothing wrong with letting God know how you feel in your heart. There were many Psalms that David wrote just to encourage and speak to himself.
There are many things that David said in the Psalms that would encourage us. There are many things we ought also as a matter of course to begin
to say especially as looking into the future, our nation many don’t have hope, but here is the news, there is hope in Christ Jesus He will never
leave nor forsake His own. If for the sake of 10 he was prepared to spare Sodom and Gomorrah then for the sake of 10 He will spare this nation.


It is important to encourage ourselves. David was speaking to himself when he wrote Psalm 23

The opening of the psalm “the Lord is my Shepherd…” He is not my employee. If translated into Yoruba it will be Oluso aguntan mi. This is directly
translated as “The Lord is the Shepherd of my sheep…” I am the sheep and he is my shepherd.


When David said the Lord is my shepherd, what he meant was I will do nothing except that which He directs me to do. That sentiment is also conveyed
in the word “Lord” which means master. How many of us have made Him our shepherd? How many of us will not move/budge unless God leads us or directs
us. We have to get this to understand Psalm 23 because such is the relationship between the sheep and the shepherd that there is implicit trust.
Faith is not belief without proof it is trust without reservation. We must have total trust in the shepherd to call ourselves
the sheep. He has made so many promises to us. He said I will never leave you nor forsake you, He says there is nothing that can separate you from
the love I have for you, He says ears have not heard, eyes have not seen, neither has it entered into the hearts of man what he has prepared for
you. This is a loving father, but to be His sheep we must have implicit trust in Him. That is why David was able to say, “The Lord is my Shepherd
I will not want” because I know the kind of shepherd he is. He will meet every need I have, This is because he take uttermost care of all His sheep.


In verse 2 “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures” I want to emphasises the word Maketh

He makes me enter into rest. He reassures me constantly that it is well with my soul. He has only the best laid up for me. He will not lead me into
brown pastures, but to green pastures“He leads me beside the still waters” God is not interested in our having stressful lives he wants us to be
at rest. Our rest is tied to our faith. If we are truly going to rest in God, it must be a rest of faith. No matter what we see we will not be
moved, except by what he says. God’s purpose for us is peace and rest.



I was reading a book published recently from one of our members “The richer woman” and I will like to extract a few things and direct it to fathers
with daughters in their tens or teens.

A girl child needs affirmation from her father. A girl child need to know she is loved by her father. You love your daughters I am sure, but do they
know? Do they feel a sense of affirmation in their life? If they don’t they will go after affirmation from other men. The author of the book mentioned
how she sought affirmation from people who were only too ready to give her affirmation for their own selfish reasons.


We have a father and we don’t have to wait until we enter into eternity to hear the words “well done good and faithful servant” He is happy to let
you know that he is well pleased with you right now. If you have made him your shepherd. The restful waters and the green pastures are a place of implicit trust. A
place where we can trust him without reservation and know that he will always come through.


Verse 3 “He restores my soul” and here in lies the problem. As we go through our journey of life, every day of our life there is a potential
blemish on our soul. We face pain. Sometimes the pain of betrayal, offense, failure and discouragement. Our soul is where our mind, will and emotions
are. When He says he restores our soul he is constantly working to wash away the pains, attitudes, habits and things that wouldn’t make this walk
an easy walk.

Romans 12:2 unless we allow him, as he is the only one who can renew our minds by his spirit

Unless we allow him renew our minds. In life we go through all kinds of complexes, attitudes and pains. One of the thing that hurts me the most is
that in our society we have too many abused children. David knew that there is none other to turn to for the restoration of the soul except the
Shepherd. The one who has all his interests at heart.

None of us can say we don’t need a restoration of our soul. The more we tell ourselves that he restores my soul, the more he is able to restore our
soul “He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name sake”There are many teaching going around in churches today, but straight
is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life. Broad is the way that leads to death.


We have a shepherd who takes us by the hand and leads us down the path of righteousness

Verse 4 “yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil” The principal thing here is “No fear” God has not
given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and sound mind.

I was explaining to a young child that a dog will see you and begin to growl at you and bare their teeth, but if they don’t sense fear its growling
will subside and it will begin to step back

Fear only encourages the opposition against you. We must not be afraid, but sometimes we need a little bit of fear that will not allow us to do what
we shouldn’t do. There is always a reason in our culture to fear evil but God has got it covered “For thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”

The staff of a shepherd has a crook in it. The crook was meant to bring the sheep back into line when going astray and the rod was for the wolves.


Verse 5 “thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies” Don’t worry about enemies. Just walk in the path of righteousness. “Thou anointest my head with oil my cup runneth over”. The
shepherd anoints its sheep with oil to keep the flies at bay. Flies are a symbol of Beelzebub.

God anoints your head with oil to keep away the forces of darkness from your life. The anointing is the enablement to do what you can’t do in your
power by his power. If you want to know if the power of God is moving in a church, the evidence is transformed lives. Not raising the dead. Sometimes
you need to be in the overflow because of the mission God has called you into “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your
life”. That word surely means be assured that God will follow you. God has assigned two soldiers to your side (one called goodness and the other
called mercy) Nothing can change the goodness of God. He is always good. “And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever Amen”

Out of his presence there is the fullness of joy His presence is for Christians to be in.





APRIL 23RD 2017





Warfares are spiritual before they manifests in physical challenges of life over which God causes us always to triumph in Christ Jesus. There’s something
we call reality checks, we shall examine a few realities of life and how to respond to them scripturally. When challenges are responded to scripturally,
we receive scriptural victory. Scriptural victory is the victory of Jesus which is permanent.


Reality check 1: Job 14:1 everyone born of a woman is of a few days and full of trouble

Reality check 2: Psalm 34: 19 many are the afflictions of the righteous but the lord deliver him out of them all

Reality check 3: Ephesians 6:12 we wrestle not against flesh and blood


Challenges and victories cannot but come. Sometimes we ask ourselves why God permits righteous people to go through challenges. This
is because, Satan hates the idea that we are saved. This salvation that we speak about every now and again is so wonderful a blessing from God
the Father through His son Jesus. We really don’t appreciate the fact that we are saved. No matter how much we try to understand, we will not be
able to totally fathom the depth of blessing there is in being saved. I don’t think God himself is in a hurry for us to understand the benefits
our salvation. This is because he knows that by and by we will appreciate it more in eternity. You have to be sure that you are saved.

I am not saved because I am a preacher or my first name is Abraham. I understand that being a Christian is not about material possessions. The life
of a man does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses. We can be saved and also have the good things of life.


The purpose of salvation is not primarily to go to heaven. Heaven is a guarantee, but we are saved for a good purpose. Ephesians 2:8-10 salvation is not an end, but a means to an end. John

1st Peter 4:12 Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. Paul had an indebt understanding about spiritual warfare.
Paul understood that the real enemy is Satan. The purpose of warfare is to keep the devil at arm’s length. What is the believer’s


Ephesians 6:13 -20. The test of faith is not sitting, the test of faith is standing. Grace is not a license to sin, grace is the ability not to sin. Grace is God’s divine enablement to be righteous.


How to have victory in your battles: Weapon of prayer and the Word

Prayer: The catapult (slingshot), the gun

Word: the stone, the bullet


David understood the principle of spiritual warfare. He went against Goliath with a slingshot

He went to the river and picked 5 smooth stones (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teachers, and pastor)

As you come to the house of God the word of God washes away every rough edge of attitudes and smoothens you out and you become a potent weapon in the
hands of God. You must have a spiritual bag. When a thought comes you must have an appropriate word to address the situation.


What speaks more or has more power in your life? Your culture, your tradition, or the Word of God! Some of us are still ruled by the elements rule
of the universe. Things that have no agreement with the word of God or what Jesus accomplished on the cross. Prayer and scriptural word of God
(New Testament) 1st John 5:18



APRIL 16TH 2017






The fellowship of His suffering is the process through which we become more acquainted with God.In other words it’s the process of getting more intimate
with God. The process requires that you will go through tests and trials.


All over the world people are searching for power. Power means different things to different people. For some people walking on water and raising the dead
is seen as power. You can walk on water and raise the dead and still not make it.

What is the resurrection power of God? The evidence of resurrection power is transformed lives.






1.You become a new creature. 2nd Corinthians 5:17-18

This scripture is misunderstood by so many. We assume that this transformation is automatic. The newness of life in which Jesus died and resurrected that
we walk in, we walk in intentionally, we intentionally live in the newness of life. We remind ourselves every day, that we are no longer who we used
to be, but we are now new creatures. Jesus couldn’t have been raised from the dead without the Holy Spirit, therefore you can’t live a resurrected
life without the Holy Spirit. When the power of God comes upon you it gives you the ability to walk in newness of life. Your slate
was wiped clean at Calvary’s cross, whatever you did in the past is gone with the past. God has forgiven so many of us but we haven’t forgiven ourselves. 


2.Resurrection power gives us the ability to live above sin Romans 6:12

Christ defeated sin and we don’t ever have to live under its dominion. God’s grace is available even under the most tremendous pressure of sin. Temptation is not sin, it is the yielding/acceptance to temptation that is sin. We
have dominion over sin, we can live a sin free life, but we can’t do it on our own we need the Holy Spirit.


3.Resurrection power gives us the ability to live above sickness and disease Heb. 53: 5

The word “Are” in by His stripes we are healed, is the present tense. In other words when sickness comes the resurrection power of God is available to
heal, but not everybody gets healed.

The question to ask is Are they living a new life?

Do they know Him? Are they walking above the power of dominion of sin?

Romans 10:10 Kingdom principle. If you know you are healed then declare it. Job 22:28


4.You can live in the realm of supernatural power

If God says walk on water, then do it because you have the ability to. Those that benefit the most from walking in the realm of supernatural power are
those that know Him and the power of His resurrection. They allow themselves into the fellowship of His suffering. They allow themselves to be processed
to become who he wants them to be.


The supernatural realm of God is real, more real than our natural realm. If you are going to walk in the realm of supernatural power of God you need to
be intimate with Him. Seeing what He does, hearing what He says, so that you join Him in His work and not do his work for Him.


We can make a decision to walk in resurrection power and be intentional and make a quality choice to put on the new man and not allow the old man to come
back.I will live above the power of sin.






APRIL 9TH 2017




Zechariah 9:9

Jeremiah the prophet looked into heaven and he saw a picture of what God wanted to accomplish on earth. He saw a crowd rejoicing as a man sitting upon
an ass riding into Jerusalem.Matthew 6:10


How does God accomplish on earth what is in heaven? He gives a prophetic word and lets men such as prophets see into the heavens and gives them a picture
of what He will have accomplished on earth.

Prophets are men or women whose primary mission is to bring prophetic direction. Anybody can prophesy, but not anybody can be a prophet. Today, the office
of the prophet suffers much abuse we have turned the prophet into a fortune teller. We want to know what God plans for us, so we seek the prophet.


In some parts of the world you can get prophecy by telephone.Prophesy or the prophetic is to give direction by showing us the picture in heaven that God
wants painted. The prophet gazes into heaven Malachi 3: 10

The windows of heaven are so that we can see in. God is not going to pour out cars or cash and the material things that men seek He sends forth a word
that men can see. The pictures of Heaven have a prophetic word upon which they can stand to which they can bring heaven down to earth. When you look
into eternity, there is no time there

When the prophet looks into eternity he doesn’t have a date. Zechariah looked into the windows of heaven and he saw the picture of Palm Sunday but had
no idea when this would come to pass. God is looking for men like the sons of Issachar who understand the times and the seasons and know what to do.
He is looking for men and women who can sense in their spirit the timing of God. This is so that they do what they must with the word that God has
spoken. God gives a prophetic word to the prophet. Anyone can receive a prophetic word but it’s the office of a prophet that is mainly called to bring


The apostle is the master builder. He hears and sees the prophetic direction God is pointing and he begins to mobilize the resources and people to build
upon that word. That is why in Ephesians 2:20 the bible says that Jesus is the corner stone but the foundation is built upon the apostles and the prophets.
Our lives are meant to be guided by the prophetic Word of God. Any word that is said to be prophetic can never contradict the scriptures. That’s
the way to know if a word has come from God, a man’s flesh or the devil. In Isaiah 55:Rain comes down to water the earth the Word comes down to establish
God’s will on the earth. Snow comes down to water the earth, but snow is like the prophetic word that Zechariah gave concerning Palm Sunday It will
not begin to water until the right time.


Not every prophetic word is for now a time will come when the snow must melt and then it waters. Isaiah 55:11

I want us to be very clear that the prophetic is God’s way of giving directions. The Apostolic is God’s way of building. 

2nd Chronicles 2:20 the prophesy from God to Jehoshaphat.


God has designed us to respond to prophecy /a Word spoken from heaven. The reason sometimes we don’t get results is because we treat prophecies
as “Maybes”. God’s word cannot return to Him void. It must accomplish what He sent it for.

He needs a willing heart that says I hear and believe your word and so shall it be. Prophecy is not to tickle you, but to get you to go in the straight
and narrow path that leads to life.We want to hear from God without the trouble of getting to know Him. It’s our itchy ears looking to know tomorrow
when we have God himself. He will show you that which is to come by His Spirit if you need to know. His word will come when it is needed. The Bible is full of prophesy.You haven’t yet brought those in the Bible to pass in your life and you are looking for a direct word from God. God is
about to build something great something massive right here in our midst. There is no longer any room for hypocrisy.


Lifting up Holy hands on Sunday morning and during the week at work you’re worse than the devil himself.

There is nothing that the devil can give you that God cannot give you several times over.


On Palm Sunday the prophesy of Zechariah 2000 years before was about to be fulfilled. Jesus was not only a prophet, He was an apostle, evangelist and pastor.
He knew the word of God. Everything that belongs to us actually belongs to God so that anytime He says he has need of it, we relinquish it to him.
We live in a world which has become excessively possessive. There is nobody sitting under the sound of my voice that can take anything away from this
earth. Not one not even myself.None of us can leave with any of the things we have acquired

So why become closer to them than we are to His Majesty on high. Matthew 21:4

Prophesy is so important to God that He is watching over it to perform it. All He needs are men and women who desire to see His will come to pass. The
prayer Jesus prayed was not a prayer but a pattern for the way we should pray. There are many reasons that God wanted the prophecy that He had spoken
through Zechariah to be fulfilled. Jesus was not widely known as we would think. This was his coming out.


I researched the word HOSANNA which was the chant by the people, Hosanna is a word used to worship and to adore, but it means “Save God!”That is, I am
calling on God to save. They recognised Christ as their saviour.

It’s interesting that these people only had enough patience to wait for salvation for a few days It wasn’t long before they turned on Him. It’s the same
people that gathered in the streets Jerusalem that gathered at Calvary. Jesus came riding into Jerusalem on an Ass. (The King of Kings) .


Palm Sunday represents to us the soon and coming King. It represents to us that we have a hope and a future.

It represents the need for patience and forbearance. Soon and very soon this too shall pass.When men say there is a casting down. It doesn’t matter what
you see, you say there shall be a lifting up We are not ordinary people we are extraordinary people In us dwells the Spirit of the living God. God
has given us the ability to speak and decree a thing and see it established. We cannot just decree whatever we desire, we must have the sure word of


He wept over Jerusalem, because Jerusalem did not see itself through the eyes of prophecy, but he could see what would happen in the future of Jerusalem.

Today He weeps not over Jerusalem. He is coming to Jerusalem He sees the New Jerusalem that would come down from heaven to teach us that on earth as it
is in heaven.That is the centre point of God’s purpose on earth as it is in heaven.

For your life, family, career, on earth as it is in heaven.

That’s God’s plan, He sends prophetic words and will send the apostolic into your life to help establish and build what he has taken counsel to do.





APRIL 2ND 2017


David’s Giant was a man called Goliath. Giants don’t always come in the form of men. Sometimes they come in the form of spirits. Sometimes they come
as financial or health challenges. No matter what the giant is, if we learn from David we can bring every single giant down. 1st Sam 17: 4
Giants and tests will come. It is an inevitable part of life. That is why James writing to the church said, rejoice when you face trials/giants. This
is because it is the trying of your faith. Faith is developed in the furnace of trials. The trying of your faith will build you up. Faith that
has not being tested cannot be relied upon. We need to learn how to trust God with everything. Even God allows us to face trials. 1st Cor. 10:
13. Trials will come, but God always makes a way of escape with every trial. 2nd Tim 1:7


Giants speak. They are meant to intimidate you and bring fear. God says, I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, and of power and a sound
mind. If we are going to defeat the giants that oppose us, then we must resist fear. Fear must have no place in our lives. Fear encourages the
adversary. The moment an adversary comes and begins to speak words against you and detects your fear, they are strengthened and encouraged. When
they come and see no fear, they are baffled. How did David overcome fear? How did he do it? David developed intimacy with God. Intimacy is a two
way street. Into-me-you-see.


When you can be open with someone and they can see who you really are. As God could see into David and they became closer and closer. David grew into
his ability to see into God. 1st Sam.17:32
The reasoning of Saul was based upon earthly reality. If you are child of God, you don’t live under earthly reality. The words of Saul were meant to
discourage David. David knew it wasn’t him that dealt with the Lion and the bear. When you face giants it’s a good thing to rehearse what the Lord
has done for you. It is good to keep a record of things God has done. I am not saying this so that we can live in the past. Keeping this record
is so that you can go forward/move on. As the trials come and you receive the victory, you keep on going.
Fight with the weapons you are familiar with. Don’t fight with somebody else’s weapons.


Any curse that comes from the mouth of a man that does not know God cannot touch you. The curses reigned on David by Goliath were like water. The solution
is in your mouth. We need to understand the place of prophetic utterances. You create your own future by your own prophetic utterances. You have
to work at it. You have to do what the Spirit of God will have you do. You must decapitate the giants that are coming against you don’t stop because
they stopped. Don’t stop until they cannot continue.
Recession is a kind of giant, but the sons of the most high are recession proof. This is because you don’t live according to an earthly economy. Engage
the Holy Spirit and he will show you what to do. Do what He shows you and you will surely prosper. You have the responsibility to make things happen.
The moment you realize that you are alone without the Holy Ghost helping you, you lean on him and he shows you every step of the way.






MARCH 26TH 2017



It is important to have a sense of identity.You have to know who you are in Christ Jesus.You have to understand what has been placed at your disposal
if you are going to benefit from revival.

Philippians 2:6 Jesus knew who he was. He knew the authority He had and  His status. Christ had a strong sense of Identity. At no point in His
earthly ministry did Jesus ever forget His identity.

It’s important for us to also have a keen sense of our identity.


We know what we have at our disposal and the difference amongst Christians is clear when you know who you are

The Christian that knows who he is in Christ is very different from the one that doesn’t. Many of us are working to earn an inheritance, but the sons
who know who they are don’t work for an inheritance. They work from an inheritance, they know who they are.It’s important to know all that God
has put at our disposal.


Gideon started with such a poor sense of identity. As far as he was concerned his family was the poorest and he was the least in his family. Judges

God doesn’t call us as we see ourselves, He calls us as He sees us. When you believe in God, you’re saved.

The moment you realise that God believes in you, you begin to become transformed. God believes in you not because of who you are or what you’ve done.
He believes in you and will never stop, because of what Jesus Christ has done. If you stand knowing that He believes passionately in you, it will
change your life. 


Gideon had a journey from one who hid to one who stood before the enemy with just 300 men. Joseph had a strong sense of who he was, God showed him
in a dream. Joseph couldn’t keep the dream to himself so he began a journey that took him into the pit, prison, Potiphar’s house and back to prison.
Never at any point did he give up on his identity of who he was in God.


David was the youngest of his father’s sons. David was always alone in the wilderness tending sheep. It was in the wilderness that he cultivated the
habit of serving God. It was his passion and intimacy with God that brought him before Goliath. He knew who he was in God and therefore Goliath
was no problem. He had a strong sense of self identity and he had intimacy with God.


Intimacy = into me you see

Most times we are figuring out what is going on in someone’s life. That’s not intimacy that’s intuition. Intimacy is about being open and transparent.
The things that you may hide from others you do not hide with God. That’s what David was, there was nothing he kept away from God

This sense of self identity was so powerful in David 1st Sam 22: 1-2

2nd Sam 23:8 these men developed their leadership potential because they had a leader who knew his identity.

Paul on his way to Damascus encountered God and from that day he came to know who he was in God.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. You’re not searching for something you’re working for someone. Religion is when you work for God, Son-ship is when you work from God. There
are so many religious people around who are doing things but God never sent them. A son knows what the father is doing A son is an heir of the
father. Philippians 2: 7

It’s good, important and vital that you have a strong identity in Christ. It is also vital that you walk in humility. If you know who you are in Christ
and you’re not humble you will be like a rocket who will sooner or later explode. Jesus was the epitome of humility. He walked in humility all
His days on earth. Humility must accompany identity. 





1.He is dead to self. He learns to crucify his flesh.

Whoever Jesus is to you, he will be through you. We can teach what we know, but can only reproduce who we are

Be careful when you pick a mentor, because he may teach you all he knows, but you can only become who he is.


2.Intimacy: into me you see. I am so I do, I do not do so that I may become. I already am a son/daughter of the most high so I do
what he requires me to do. If you know who you are, you do not ask God to bless what you are doing

You do what God is blessing. Such a revival is coming we shall see truly remarkable things.

The Spirit of God cannot be quenched or broken

That’s why we need to know who we are and what we have at our disposal.




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